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  • NAMETassio Ferreira Valle
  • AGE31
  • HOMETOWNSanto Antônio de Jesus - Bahia - Brazil
  • CURRENT CITYCruz das Almas - Bahia - Brazil
  • E-MAILtassio.vale@ufrb.edu.br
  • PHONEPlease, contact me
  • FREELANCEAvailable
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PhD 2013 - 2018

Federal University of Bahia (UFBA)

PhD in Computer Science at UFBA.

M.Sc. 2010 - 2012

Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE)

Master's degree in Computer Science at UFPE.

B.Sc. 2006 - 2009

Universidade Salvador (UNIFACS)

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at UNIFACS.


Tech Leader 2019 - Present

Intelbras-UFBA partnership

Mobile solution development using React Native to pdovide NFC communication between devices.

Software Engineer2019 - Present


Development of the bomconsórcio web system.

Research Manager in the Center of Exact Sciences and Technology 2019 - Current

Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia (UFRB)

Management of research activities for the diverse knowledge fields in the Center of Exact Sciences and Technology.

Assistant professor - Systems Development and Databases area2014 - Present

Federal University of Recôncavo da Bahia (UFRB)

I work on lecturing for the Computer Engineering undergraduate course and conducting research in collaboration with professors and students as well.

Software Reuse, Smart Cities and Modern Web/Mobile Development researcher 2013 - 2019

Fraunhofer Project Center at UFBA

Adoption of software reuse practices with industrial partners as well as developing projects related to smart cities and modern web/mobile development.

Tech Leader 2016 - 2019

Fraunhofer Project Center at UFBA

Development of solutions for smart cities (joint effort with SECTI-BA) and modern web/mobile systems with the Intelbras company.

Instructor and consultant 2014 - 2016

Parallel Consulting and Training

Java Web lecturer for the company (40 hours course) and a consultant in the Java software development and Databases area.

Software Architect and Variability Management Researcher 2013 - Present


Working on the software architecture construction and description. I also work on variability modeling tasks in this project.

Software Reuse Specialist 2012 - 2014

UFBA/Petrobras project

Conducting the adoption of software reuse practices at Petrobras (Bahia state IT sector).

Lecturer - SQL 2014 - Present

Parallel Consulting and Training

I am a SQL (Structured Query Language) lecturer for the Parallel Consulting and Training company (16 hours course).

Freelancer 2010 - Present

Customers: +Razzão e Montessori

I developed and currently maintain a software for student and financial management of teaching institutions.

Short-term course lecturer 2013

SUSESU 2013 congress

It consists of a practical short-term course on Java programming for mobile devices (Android platform).

Developer 2008 - 2009

National Education and Research Network

I developed a visualization tool for network monitoring data, called ICE (Internet Computer network Eye).

Skills and experience

Hybrid Apps Development

Web Systems Development

Software Engineering

Software Reuse

Software Architecture

Smart Cities

Service-Oriented Architecture

Agile Methods

Machine Learning

Cloud Computing

Skills on programming languages


JavaScript/TypeScript/React/Angular/React Native/Vue







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